Specify Data Driven Testcase Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to add a new data-driven test case or to overwrite existing test case(s).

Specify a data driven script file and, if prompted, a data source.

Add new Data Driven testcase

Click to create a new data driven test case. This new test case is appended to the end of the file and given the "DD_" prefix.

Overwrite existing Data Driven testcase

Click to overwrite an existing data driven test case.


Defaults to DD_<name of original testcase> when you are adding a new data driven test case. If you opt to overwrite an existing data-driven test case, this field turns into a list of data-driven test cases that already exist in the active file.

Test case names can have a maximum of 127 characters. When you create a data-driven test case, Silk Test Classic truncates any test case name that is greater than 124 characters.