LogVerifyError Function


Logs a described error to a results file.


LogVerifyError(aData1, aData2[, sDesc]
Variable Description
aData1 The actual data discovered by the test case. ANYTYPE.
aData2 The data expected by the test case. ANYTYPE.
sDesc Optional: A description of the failed verification. STRING.


You can write your own verify routine when a 4Test verify function is not appropriate. When your verify routine discovers an error, use LogVerifyError to write the results of the failure to the results file. The logged message is in the form, "*** ERROR: Verify sDesc failed—expected aData2, got aData1". Therefore, the example below would be, "*** ERROR: Verify Find failed—expected Find, got MessageBox".


[ ] WINDOW wActive = TextEditor.GetActive ()
[-] if (wActive != Find)
		[ ] LogVerifyError (wActive, Find, "Find")