Using Option Sets in Your Project

To use an options set within your project, you must make sure that the options set is loaded into memory. You can tell if an options set is loaded by looking at the Silk Test Classic title bar. If filename.opt displays in the title bar, then the options set filename.opt is loaded. If an options set is loaded, it overrides the settings contained in the projectname.ini file.

Note: When an options set is loaded, the context menu options are available only for the loaded options set; these menu options are grayed out for .ini and .opt files that are not loaded.

You can load an options set into your project using any of the following methods:

If an options set was loaded when you closed Silk Test Classic, Silk Test Classic automatically re-loads this options set when you re-start Silk Test Classic.

To include an options set in your project, you can add the options set by right-clicking Profile on the Files tab, clicking Add File, selecting the options set you want to add to the project, and then clicking OK. You can also click Save New Options Set; this loads the options set and adds it under the Profile node on the Files tab.