The Differences between Query and Named Query Commands

Testplan > Mark by Query or Testplan > Mark by Named Query both create queries, however, Mark by Named Query provides extra features, like the ability to combine queries or to create a query without running it immediately. If the query-creation function and the query-running function are distinct in your company, then use Mark by Named Query. If you intend to run a query only once, or run a query while keeping existing marks, then use Mark by Query.

The following table highlights the differences between the two commands.

Mary by Query Mark by Named Query
Builds a query based on criteria you select and runs query immediately. Builds a new query based on criteria you select. Can run query at any time.
Name is optional, but note that only named queries are saved and can be rerun at any time in the Mark by Named Query dialog box. Name is required. Query is saved.
Cannot edit or delete a query. Can edit or delete a query.
Cannot combine queries. Can combine queries into a new query.
Lets you decide whether or not to clear existing marks before running new query. Unmarks by default. Clears existing marks before running new query.

Unnamed queries can be run only once. If you name the query, you can have the test plan editor run it in the same or subsequent work sessions without having to rebuild the query or manually remark the tests that you’re interested in rerunning or reporting on.