BrowserWindow Class


BrowserWindow is the class that represents the top-level container for a web page. It exposes the DOM tree through DomElements. Examples include a tab in a browser or an embedded browser control in Java SWT. To check if a BrowserWindow exists and is currently selected, use the ExistsTab method of the BrowserApplication class.


This class is supported only on the Open Agent.


BrowserWindow derives from the BrowserObject class; no classes derive from the BrowserWindow class.


Inherited methods from the AnyWin class that are not supported:

  • ClearTrap
  • GenerateDecl
  • GetAppId
  • GetArrayProperty
  • GetEverything
  • GetHandle
  • GetHelpText
  • GetID
  • GetInputLanguage
  • GetNativeClass
  • IsActive
  • IsArrayProperty
  • IsEnabled
  • IsVisible
  • OpenContextMenu
  • ScrollIntoView
  • SetArrayProperty
  • SetEnabled
  • SetInputLanguage
  • SetTrap
  • SetVisible
  • VerifyActive
  • VerifyEnabled
  • VerifyEverything

Inherited properties from the AnyWin class that are not supported:

  • AppId
  • Background
  • bActive
  • bEnabled
  • Foreground
  • hWnd
  • sFont
  • sID

Methods and Properties

In addition to the methods and properties it inherits from the AnyWin class and BrowserObject class, BrowserWindow has the following methods and properties: