Expand Method (TreeView)




Expands an object in a treeview control.


treeview.Expand (item)
Variable Description
item The item to expand. STRING or INTEGER.


MyDialog.MyTreeView.Expand ("/root/child/grandchild")


Expand expands the specified treeview item if it is currently collapsed (has hidden children).

  • If the item offers an expand/collapse control (typically a + or - sign), Silk Test Classic will collapse the item when this control is clicked.

  • Otherwise, if the treeview supports the use of double-clicks for expanding and collapsing items, Silk Test Classic double-clicks items.

  • When neither of these approaches is supported by the control, or if the specified item is not expandable (has no children), an error is raised

For information on specifying item, see the TreeView class.

See the UseExpandButton option for more information about how Silk Test Classic expands and collapses nodes in a JavaJFCTreeView in the Java extension.