ExtendedDoubleSelect Method


ListBox and TreeView.


Double-clicks an item in the list box or treeview with one or more key modifiers.


This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.


ExtendedDoubleSelect (keyModifiers, Item)
Variable Description
keyModifiers Defines which additional keys should be pressed while performing the double-click. MODIFIERKEYSTATE.
Item The item to click. LISTITEM.


ExtendedDoubleSelect double-clicks an item in the list by scrolling the item into view and clicking it with the mouse. ExtendedDoubleSelect is useful with lists that assign special meaning to a double-click event. For example, most File Open list boxes open the file whose name is double-clicked in the list box.

We do not recommend trying to record a ExtendedDoubleSelect action. Due to varying machine speeds and operating systems, the timing may be such that Silk Test Classic cannot successfully record ExtendedDoubleSelect. Instead, we recommend recording Select, then manually changing the Select statement to ExtendedDoubleSelect.

ExtendedDoubleSelect() does not work properly with Internet Explorer 7.