Saving Captured Bitmaps

You can, if you want, save the bitmaps you have captured in the Bitmap Tool. You should adopt a naming convention that helps you distinguish between the first bitmap in the comparison, called the baseline bitmap, and the second bitmap, called the result bitmap. You can make the distinction in the file name itself, for example, by appending or prefixing a b or r to the name and using the same file extension for all bitmap files. Or you might use the same file name for both baseline and result bitmaps and add a unique file extension.


You save baseline and result bitmaps of the Open dialog box as open.bmp and open.rmp. Alternatively, you might name them openbase.bmp and openres.bmp, respectively.

The following table lists the file extensions supported by the Bitmap Tool. We recommend that you use .bmp for baseline bitmaps and .rmp for result bitmaps.

If you are saving And you want the file name to be Then use this extension
Baseline bitmap Identical to the result bitmap’s .bmp
Result bitmap Identical to the baseline bitmap’s .rmp
Either baseline or result bitmap Unique .bmp or .dib (Device Independent Bitmap)
Note: Silk Test Classic uses .rmp for bitmaps that are captured within a test case and fail verification.