Control is not responding


You run a script and get the following error: Error: Control is not responding

This is a catch-all error message. It usually occurs in a Select( ) statement when Silk Test Classic is trying to select an item from a ListBox, TreeView, ListView, or similar control.

The error can occur after the actual selection has occurred, or it can occur without the selection being completed. In general the error means that the object is not responding to the messages Silk Test Classic is sending in the manner in which it expects.


Try these things to eliminate the error message:

  • If the line of code is inside a Recording block, remove the Recording keyword.

  • Set the following option just before the line causing the error: Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_RESPONDING, FALSE).

  • If the selection is successful, but you still get the error, try using the Do . . . except feature.