SetOption Method


AgentClass class.


Sets an Agent option to the specified value.


aPrevious = Agent.SetOption (Option, aValue)
Variable Description
aPrevious The previous value of the option. The data type depends on the option. ANYTYPE.
Option Any agent option as specified by one of the constants defined for the AGENTOPTION enumerated data type. For a list, see Agent options.
aValue The value to which to set the specified option. The data type depends on the type expected by the option. ANYTYPE.


SetOption sets an agent option to the specified value. The value returned is the previous value of the option; the type of the return value varies depending on the option you specify.

The values you specify with SetOption override the values specified with the Agent Options dialog box. If you do not set an option with SetOption, the value specified in the Agent Options dialog box is the default.


Agent.SetOption (OPT_MOUSE_DELAY, .5)