Overview of Symbols

A symbol represents a piece of data in a data driven test case. It is like a 4Test identifier, except that its name begins with the $ character. The value of a symbol can be assigned locally or inherited. Locally assigned symbols display in black and symbols that inherit their value display in blue in the Testplan Detail dialog box.

For example, consider the following test plan:


The test plan in the figure uses six symbols:

The symbols are named in the parameter list to the FindTest testcase, within the parentheses after the test case name.

testcase: FindTest ({ $Text, $Position, $Pattern, $Case, $Direction, $Expected })

For example, in the preceding figure, each test description assigns its own unique values to the $Pattern and the $Expected symbols. The remaining four symbols are assigned values at a group description level:

Because the data that is common is factored out and defined at a higher level, it is easy to see exactly what is unique to each test.