Viewing Test Results

Whenever you run tests, a results file is generated which indicates how many tests passed and how many failed, describes why tests failed, and provides summary information.

  1. Click Explore Results on the Basic Workflow or the Data Driven Workflow bars.
  2. On the Results Files dialog box, navigate to the file that you want to review and click Open.
Silk Test Classic provides the following result files:
  • .res files, which include information about the execution of the test case, script, suite, test plan, or keyword-driven test.
  • .tlz files, which include a TrueLog with optional screenshots before and after each action.
  • .htm for HTML reports with summary information about the test run and detailed information about the executed actions.

By default, Silk Test Classic writes both a TrueLog and an HTML report when running a test. You can select which result formats Silk Test Classic should generate under Options > TrueLog.

By default, a results file has the same name as the executed script, suite, or test plan.