Evolving a Testing Strategy

There are several reasons for moving your QA program from local to remote testing:
  • You may have a stand-alone application that runs on many different platforms and now you want to simultaneously drive testing on all the platforms from one Silk Test Classic host system.
  • You may have been testing a client/server application as a single local application and now you want to drive multiple instances of the application so as to apply a heavier load to the server.
  • You may want to upgrade your client/server testing so that your test cases can automatically initialize the server and recover from server failures— in addition to driving multiple application instances.
  • You may need to test applications that have different user interfaces and that communicate as peers.

If you are already a Silk Test Classic user, you will find that your testing program can evolve in any of these directions while preserving large portions of your existing tests. This topic and related topics help you to evolve your testing strategy by showing the incremental steps you can take to move into remote testing.