ListViewEx Class


ListViewEx is the class for elaborated list controls that support multiple ways of viewing a list of nonhierarchical data. These views include large and small rearrangable icons and a detail or report view. ListViewEx supports nonhierarchical views.


The ListViewEx class is available only in Windows-based applications that use the Open Agent. This class offers slightly different functions and properties from those in the ListView class, which is available in for use with the Classic Agent.


ListViewEx derives from the Control class; no classes derive from this class.

Identification of ListViewEx Items

Items in a listview can be identified by any of the following:
Absolute Index
someListView.Select(1) // selects the first item
 someListView.Select("TheItem") // selects the first item named "TheItem"
Name and Sibling Index
someListView.Select("TheItem#3") // selects the third item named "TheItem"

The preceding identifiers only consider the first column. Wildcards, such as "*", are not supported. However, you can use the ColumnCount property and the GetItemText method to access other columns.

Properties and Methods

In addition to the properties and methods it inherits from the AnyWin class and Control class, ListViewEx has the following properties and methods: