SetRequiredOptions Method


SetRequiredOptions is declared for the Browser window.


Configures browsers appropriately for testing with Silk Test Classic.


This functionality is supported only if you are using the Classic Agent. For additional information, refer to the Silk Test Classic Classic Agent Help.


browser.SetRequiredOptions ( )

Silk Test Classic requires that browsers be configured as follows:

  • Disable "friendly URLs" (for Internet Explorer only).
  • Enable underlining of links.
  • Display toolbar.
  • Display address bar.

SetRequiredOptions() sets:

  • For Internet Explorer: All of the options.
  • For Mozilla Firefox: only the option to enable underlining of links.

Other options must be set manually, since they are required for Silk Test Classic to operate properly.

The method is called automatically by the recovery system (in DefaultBaseState). You do not need to call this method manually unless you are not using the recovery system and want to ensure that your browser is configured correctly.


Browser.SetActive ()
Browser.SetRequiredOptions ()

// Result:
// Browser is configured correctly for Silk Test Classic.