Specifying Symbols as Arguments when Entering a testcase Statement

  1. Place the insertion cursor in the test plan at the location where the testcase statement is to be inserted. Placing a symbol name in the argument list of a testcase statement only specifies the name of the symbol; you also need to define the symbol and assign it a value at either the group or test case description level, as appropriate. If you do not know the value when you are initially writing the test plan, assign a question mark (?) to avoid getting a compiler error when you compile the test plan; doing so will also cause the tests to be counted as incomplete when a Completion report is generated.
  2. Click Testplan > Detail.
  3. Enter the name of a data driven test case on the Testplan Detail dialog box, followed by the argument list enclosed in parenthesis. If the test case expects a record, and not individual values, you must use the list constructor operator (curly braces).
  4. Click OK. Silk Test Classic dismisses the Testplan Detail dialog box and inserts the testcase statement into the test plan.