SYS Functions Supported by the Open Agent and the Classic Agent

The Classic Agent supports all SYS functions. The Open Agent supports all SYS functions with the exception of SYS_GetMemoryInfo. SYS_GetMemoryInfo defaults to the Classic Agent when a script is executed.

The following SYS functions behave differently depending on the agent that is used:

SYS Function
With the Classic Agent, SYS_GetRegistryValue returns an incorrect value when a binary value is used. Use the Open Agent with SYS_GetRegistryValue to avoid this issue.
When setting the pointer after the end of the file, the Open Agent does not throw an exception, while the Classic Agent does throw an exception.
The Open Agent does not allow the ] character to be part of a section name, while the Classic Agent does allow it. Also, with the Open Agent, = must not be part of a key name. The Classic Agent allows = to be part of a key name, but produces incorrect results.
Note: Error messages and exceptions might differ between the Open Agent and the Classic Agent.