Documenting Manual Tests in the Test Plan

Your QA department might do some of its testing manually. You can document the manual testing in the test plan. In this way, the planning, organization, and reporting of all your testing can be centralized in one place. You can describe the state of each of your manual tests. This information is used in reports.

To indicate that a test description in the test plan is implemented with a manual test, use the value manual in the testcase statement, as in:

testcase: manual

By default, whenever you generate a report, it includes information on the tests run for that results file, plus the current results of any manual tests specified in the test plan. If the manual test results are subsequently updated, the next time you generate the report, it incorporates the latest manual results. However, this might not be what you want. If you want the report to use a snapshot of manual results, not the most recent manual results, merge the results of manual tests into the results file.