Using the Testplan Detail Dialog Box to Enter the testdata Statement

  1. Place the insertion point at the end of the test description. If a testdata statement is not associated with a test description, the compiler generates an error.
  2. Click Testplan > Detail. To provide context, the multi-line list box at the top of the Testplan Detail dialog box displays the line in the test plan that the cursor was on when the dialog box was invoked, indicated by the black arrow icon. If the test case and script associated with the current test description are inherited from a higher level in the test plan, they are shown in blue; otherwise, they are shown in black.
  3. Enter the data in the Test Data text box, separating each data element with a comma. Remember, if the test case expects a record, you need to enclose the list of data with the list constructor operator (the curly braces); otherwise, Silk Test Classic interprets the data as individual variables, not a record, and will generate a data type mismatch compiler error.
  4. Click OK. Silk Test Classic closes the Testplan Detail dialog box and enters the testdata statement and data values in the plan.