Recording Without Window Declarations

If you record a test case against a GUI object for which there is no declaration or if you want to write a test case from scratch against such an object, Silk Test Classic requires a special syntax to uniquely identify the GUI object because there is no identifier.

This special syntax is called a dynamic instantiation and is composed of the class and tag of the object. The general syntax of this kind of identifier is:
class("tag").class("tag"). ...


If there is not a declaration for the Find dialog box of the Notepad application, the syntax required to identify the object with the Classic Agent looks like the following:
MainWin("Untitled - Notepad|$C:\Windows\SysWOW64\notepad.exe").DialogBox("Find")

To create the dynamic tag, the recorder uses the multiple-tag settings that are stored in the Record Window Declarations dialog box. In the example shown above, the tag for the Notepad contains its caption as well as its window ID.

For the Open Agent, the syntax for the same example looks like the following:
FindMainWin("/MainWin[@caption='Untitled - Notepad']").FindDialogBox("Find")