Does Silk Test Classic Support Oracle Forms?

Open Agent

If you are using the Open Agent, Silk Test Classic provides built-in support for testing applications that are based on Oracle Forms with a Java version up to Java 1.7 update 60. For additional information, see Oracle Forms Support.

Classic Agent

If you are using the Classic Agent, Silk Test Classic handles Oracle Forms applications as any Java applet that consists of custom classes.

All children of the applet are seen as CustomWins, with native class names such as oracle.ewt.* and oracle.forms.*. You need to declare winclasses for any classes that you plan to use, and you can only interact with classes through scripting. For more efficient declaration of classes, use the CaptureAllClasses function instead of clicking Record > Class to record each class separately.

As with any application consisting of custom classes, if there are objects that Silk Test Classic does not see, check Show All Classes to see if that exposes the ignored objects. If so, then you should add those classes to the [ClassList] section of extend\JavaEx.ini. Uncheck Show All Classes before recording window classes or declarations.

To get started, take a look at our guidelines for when and how to record classes.

If you do not want to record classes for these CustomWin objects, you can click Record > Class and then uncheck the Show All Classes check box in the lower left corner of the dialog box.