Incremental Functional Test Design

Silk Test Classic simplifies and automates the classic QA testing methodology in which testing proceeds from the simplest cases to the most complex. This incremental functional testing methodology applies equally well in the client/ server environment, where testing scenarios typically proceed from the simplest functional testing of one instance of a client application, to functional and performance testing of a heavily loaded, multi-client configuration. Therefore, we recommend the following incremental progression for client/server testing:
  • Perform functional testing on a single client application that is running on the same system as Silk Test Classic, with the server application on the same system (if possible).
  • Perform functional testing on a single remote client application, with the server application on a separate system.
  • Perform functional and concurrency testing on two remote client applications.
  • Perform stress testing on a single client application running locally or remotely.
  • Perform volume load testing on a configuration large enough to stress the server application.
  • Perform peak load testing on a large configuration, up to the limits of the server, if possible.
  • Perform performance testing on several sets of loads until you can predict performance.