MenuItem Class


MenuItem is the class for items on a menu.


MenuItem derives from the Menu class; no classes derive from this class.

Using a Data Member in the Tag for a MenuItem

If you want to use a data member in the tag for a MenuItem, be sure to use the entire hierarchy of the data member in the tag. Otherwise, calling methods involving GetChildren() (including VerifyProperties() using the property "Children") on the menu containing the menu item will not work properly. Either the menu item will be recognized as dynamically instantiated rather than declared, or the method will raise a Member is not defined in window exception. For example, consider the following window declaration for a menu item (and its ancestors):

	[ ] window MainWin MyWin
	[-] Menu File 
		[ ] tag "File"
	[-] MenuItem New
		[ ] STRING sLocString ="New"
		[ ] tag MyWin.File.New.sLocString

Notice that the tag expression contains the complete window identifier. That tag expression, or even "{MyWin.File.New.sLocString}", is preferable to sLocString or "{sLocString}".

Methods and Properties

AnyWin.MoveMouse() is not available for the MenuItem class.

In addition to the methods and properties it inherits from the AnyWin class and Menu class, MenuItem has these methods and properties: