Extension Options (ActiveX) Dialog Box

This functionality is supported only if you are using the Classic Agent. For additional information, refer to the Silk Test Classic Classic Agent Help.

Use to specify options for the currently selected extension.

Click Options > Extensions, select the appropriate extension, enable ActiveX in the Other Extensions column, and then click ActiveX.

Ignore VB and SS Frames
Check this check box to allow scripts created prior to Silk Test Classic 5.0 to run properly. When this option is selected, the frame is essentially ignored and objects in VB and SS (Sheridan OCX) frames are treated as children of the main window rather than child objects of the containing frame. If you do not select this option for scripts created prior to Silk Test Classic 5.0, you will need to re-record window declarations in the current release and edit your scripts.
Note: If the controls inside the VB and SS frames are windowless, then this option will not work properly. In this case, you can use this option successfully only if you change the controls so that they have windows.

Do not select this option for window declarations recorded In Silk Test Classic 5.0 or later, which treats objects in these frames as children of the frame and grandchildren of the main window. The window declarations file reflects this deeper nesting.

Note: This change brings Silk Test Classic into conformance with current MS Windows architecture.