SetUpMachine Function


Connects one target machine and sets it up in preparation for the functions that handle application states in a multi-application environment.


SetUpMachine (sMachine [, wMainWin [, sAppState]])
Variable Description
sMachine The name of the machine being set up. STRING.
wMainWin Optional: The main window of the application being tested on this machine, as defined in the main window declaration for this test case. WINDOW.
sAppState Optional: The name of the application state to be associated with this machine for this test case. STRING.


The SetUpMachine function issues a Connect call for the specified machine. It then stores information needed by other 4Test functions in a multi-application environment. Subsequently, these other functions will retrieve the main window name and the application state associated with each machine. The wMainWin and sAppState arguments are used in the recovery system. If you provide no main window name, Silk Test Classic cannot invoke your application.


SetUpMachine ("client1", PersonnelApp, "MyAppState")
SetUpMachine ("client2", PersonnelApp, "MyAppState")
SetUpMachine ("server", ServerApp, "ServerAppState")