IniFileOpen Function


Opens an initialization (.ini) file on the host system.


hIniFile = IniFileOpen(sFile [,ftType])
Variable Description
hIniFile A handle to the file. HINIFILE.
sFile The name of the file to open. STRING.
ftType Optional: Specifies the format of the .ini file to be created. Only has an effect when creating a new file. FILETYPE.


IniFileOpen returns a handle to the initialization file, of type HINIFILE. You use this handle when referring to the file with IniFileGetValue, IniFileSetValue, and IniFileClose. Applications typically store information in initialization files. For example, Silk Test Classic stores information in the initialization file partner.ini. If the specified file does not exist, IniFileOpen creates it.

This function is not designed for remote access.


hIni = IniFileOpen ("myapp.ini")