Library Browser Source File

The core contents of the Library Browser are based on a standard Silk Test Classic text file, 4test.txt, which contains information for the built-in methods, properties, and functions.

You can edit 4test.txt to include your user-defined information, or define your site-specific information in one or more separate files, and then have Silk Test Classic compile the file (creating 4test.hlp) to make it available to the Library Browser. Information about methods in 4test.hlp is also used in the Verify Window dialog box for methods.

Silk Test Classic does not update 4test.txt with user-defined information; instead it populates the Library Browser from information it receives when include files are compiled in memory. You modify 4test.txt to override the default information displayed for user-defined objects.

Simply looking through 4test.txt should give you all the help you need about how to structure the information in the file. The following table lists all the keywords and describes how they are used in 4test.txt. You should edit a copy of 4test.txt to add the information you want.


Keywords are followed by a colon and one or more spaces.

Name of the class.

Name of the function.

Specify the full syntax. If the function returns a value, specify: return_value = function_name (parameters)

Otherwise, specify: function_name (parameters)

Name of the function category.

Description of the method.

Specify the full syntax. If the method returns a value, specify: return_value = method_name (parameters)

Otherwise, specify: method_name (parameters)

Description of the method, property, or function, up to 240 characters. Do not split the description into multiple notes fields, since only the first one is displayed.

Name and description of a method or function parameter. Each parameter is listed on its own line.

Specify the name, followed by a colon, followed by the description of the parameter.

Name of the property.

Type and description of the return value of the method or function.

Specify the name, followed by a colon, followed by the description of the return value.