Runtime Status Dialog Box

By default, this dialog box automatically appears on the partner machine while executing a test case, script or test plan. To keep this status dialog box automatically hidden at runtime, click Options > Runtime and in the Execution area clear the Show Detailed Status Window check box. This dialog box is for status purposes only.

If you are running a script, test case or test plan on a target machine other than the host machine, you can safely close the Runtime Status dialog box once execution begins. To reopen this dialog box after closing it, or if it is hidden by default, click Run > Show Status. This menu option is available only if running a script, test case, or test plan.

This dialog box is display only.

Lists the recent tasks the agent executed as defined in the script. As Silk Test Classic executes the plan the list will change. Only the first item listed will remain constant. That is, if a test plan is executed the name of that file will always appear at the top of the Program list. If you are running a test plan that is a masterplan, which means it includes other test plans, the masterplan name will always be the first item listed, not the sub-plans.
Lists how long it took to execute the corresponding task listed under Program. The first item in the list is the current cumulative time elapsed for the entire execution.
Lists how many errors occurred while executing the corresponding task listed in Program. The first item in the list is the current cumulative number of errors for the entire execution.
Current agent call
Displays the current function the agent is executing against the AUT.
Last error
Displays the last error encountered.