General Protection Faults


When recording or running tests, you get a General Protection Fault (GPF) or Invalid Page Fault (IPF) in agent.exe or partner.exe.


It can be very difficult to pin down the cause of these problems. It might involve a combination of your machine's configuration, other applications that are running, and the network's configuration. The best approach is to gather the diagnostic information described below and send it to Technical Support with a detailed description of what scenario led to the error.

Capture the system diagnostics
When the system error message displays, chose the option to capture detailed information on the error. Write the information down.
Capture a debug.log file
  1. Ensure that no Silk Test Classic or Agent processes are running.
  2. Open a DOS prompt window.
  3. Change your working directory to your Silk Test Classic installation directory.
  4. Delete or rename c:\debug.log if the file exists.
  5. Set the following environment variable: set QAP_DEBUG_AGENT=1.
  6. Start the Agent manually: start .\agent.
  7. Start Silk Test Classic manually: start .\partner.
  8. Go through the scenario to reproduce the problem.
  9. The file c:\debug.log file will be created.
  10. Send this file as an attachment to your email to Technical Support.
Monitor CPU and RAM usage

When reproducing this error to gather the diagnostics above, also run a system resource monitor to check on CPU and RAM usage. Note whether CPU or RAM is being exhausted.

Note your system configuration

When sending in these diagnostics, note the version of Silk Test Classic, the operating system and version, and the machine configuration (CPU, RAM, disk space).