Set Recovery System Dialog Box

Use the Set Recovery System dialog box to identify the starting point of the application you are testing, the BaseState. The recovery system will return your application to this BaseState:

  • Before running a test case.
  • During a test case.
  • If an error occurs.
  • After a test case completes.

If you are using the Basic workflow bar, click Set Recovery System .

If you are recording a test case, click Set Recovery System on the Record Application State dialog box or the Record Testcase dialog box.

Frame filename

Displays the default name and path of the frame file you are creating. This field appears only if you access this dialog box from the Basic workflow bar. The default is If already exists, Silk Test appends the next logical number to the new frame file name. For example,

Modify the frame file name and click Browse to specify the location in which you want to save this file. Frame files must have a .inc extension.


Lists all open applications that are not minimized, including any Web applications, which are identified by the title of the currently loaded page. Click to select an application. This list is dynamic and will update if you open a new application.

If you are connected to the Open Agent, only those applications that have extensions enabled display in the list.

Command line
Displays the path to the executable (.exe) for the application that you selected. This field does not display if you have selected a Web application.
Start testing on this page
Displays the URL for the application you selected. This field displays only if you have selected a Web application. If an application displays in the list, but the URL does not display in this field, your extensions may not be enabled correctly. Click the Enable Extensions button in the Basic workflow bar to automatically enable and test extension settings.
Working directory
Displays the path of the application you selected. This field does not display if you have selected a Web application.
Window name
Displays the window name, a suggested identifier that you can use in your test cases to identify your application. You can change the window name. We recommend using a short name to identify your application.