Export Results Dialog Box

Use the Export Results dialog box to export your results to a structured file that is suitable for further processing by an application, such as a spreadsheet. This is only available when the active window is a results window.

Click Results > Export.

Filename area

Displays the path and name of the file to be created. The default path is based on the current directory and the default file name is based on the name of the .res file. Click Browse to open the Export Results File Name dialog box if you need help choosing a new path or name.

Fields to export area

Specifies all the fields available for export. Select the fields you want to export.

Export format area

Specifies how the fields are delimited in the file. Select a built-in delimited style in the Export Format list or select Custom and specify your own delimiters. If you select custom specify your delimiters in the appropriate boxes: Delimiter, Quote, Escape delimiter, and Escape quote. Default is Comma Delimited, Quoted Strings.

Write header

If checked, the following header information is included in the file: name of the results file, which fields were exported, and how the fields were delimited. Default is checked.

Write paths relative to results file

If checked, the name of the directory and file that stores the results file is included in the file. Silk Test Classic always assigns the extension .res to all results files.

Results to export area

Specifies which results to export. Click to select the results you want exported. To select more than one set, press the Ctrl key, then click each file you want to export. Default is the set currently displayed in the results window.