Window not found


You run a script and get the following error: Error: Window 'name' was not found.


This error occurs in the following situations:

When the window that Silk Test Classic is trying to perform the action on is not on the desktop.

If you are watching the script run, and at the time the error occurs you can see the window on the screen, it usually means the tag that was generated is not a correct tag. This could happen if the application changed from the time the script or include file was originally created.

To resolve this issue, enable view trace listing in your script.

The window is taking more than the number of seconds specified for the window timeout to open.
To resolve this issue, set the Window Timeout value to prevent Window Not Found exceptions
Only if you are using the Classic Agent, in the TrueLog Options -Classic Agent dialog box, if all of the following options are set
  • The action PressKeys is enabled.
  • Bitmaps are captured after or before and after the PressKeys action.
  • PressKeys actions are logged.

    The preceding settings are set by default if you select Full as the TrueLog preset.

To resolve this issue, modify your test case.