Using an Oracle DSN to Data Drive a Test Case

To use an Oracle DSN to data drive a test case, select the test case to data drive, let Silk Test Classic generate code into the new test case file, and then make the following manual modifications to the DSN:

  1. Find out which columns are included in the table of your schema. Different schemas may contain tables with the same name. The table lists for the Find/Replace Values dialog box, the re-sizable menu bar, and the Specify Rows dialog box will list the same table name once for each schema without indicating the schema. For each of those list items the column list will contain the names of the columns in all of the tables with that name.
  2. After finding and replacing values, split each table record into separate records according to the schema. Do that for the sample record as well. The record names should have the form: <Record prefix><schema>_<table>. For example, if the schema is STUser and the table is Customers, the name of the table record type will be REC_STUser_Customers and the declaration for the field in the test case record for the table will be REC_STUser_Customers recSTUser_Customers // Customers.
  3. Run the test case from a test plan, unless you are running all rows for all tables. Use the Specify Rows dialog box to build the ddatestdata value, then modify that value to include the schema name in the query.
    Note: Specify a query for every table, even if you want to run all rows for a table. To run all rows, leave the where clause blank.