JavaJFCComboBox Class


Controls that have both a popup list and a text field in a Java application or applet, as defined in the Java Foundation Class (JFC) library. If users select an item from the list, the text field is filled with that string. Alternatively, users can type the string into the text field.


Derived from the ComboBox class.


Inherits methods from the ComboBox class, Control class, and AnyWin class.


Inherits properties from the ComboBox class, Control class, and AnyWin class.


When recording the selection of an item from a JavaJFCComboBox, it is recommended that you press the mouse button, keep it pressed while you drag the mouse to the selected item, and release the mouse after selecting the item.

If the item must be scrolled into view, then autoscroll the item by positioning the mouse slightly below the bottom of the list (or slightly above the end of the list, if the list opens above the combo box) instead of clicking on the scrollbar. Following these steps is more reliable than clicking on the combo box drop-down arrow and then clicking on the item.