Replaying a Test Case for the Insurance Company Web Site

Replay a test to ensure that it works as expected.

  1. Make sure that the test case you want to run is in the active window.
  2. Click Run Testcase on the Basic Workflow bar.

    Silk Test Classic displays the Run Testcase dialog box, which lists all the test cases contained in the current script.

  3. Select the ZipTest test case.
  4. To wait one second after each interaction with the application under test is executed, check the Animated Run Mode (Slow-Motion) check box. Typically, you will only use this check box if you want to watch the test case run. For instance, if you want to demonstrate a test case to someone else, you might want to check this check box. Executions of the default base state and functions that include one of the following strings are not delayed:
    • BaseStateExecutionFinished
    • Connecting
    • Verify
    • Exists
    • Is
    • Get
    • Set
    • Print
    • ForceActiveXEnum
    • Wait
    • Sleep
  5. Click Run.

    Silk Test Classic runs the test case and generates a results file. The results file describes whether the test passed or failed, and provides summary information.