Marking a Test Plan

Marks are temporary denotations that allow you to work with selected tests in a test plan. For example, you might want to run only those tests that exercise a particular area of the application or to report on only the tests that were assigned to a particular QA engineer. To work with selected tests rather than the entire test plan, you denote or mark those tests in the test plan.

Marks can be removed at any time, and last only as long as the current work session. You can recognize a marked test case by the black stripe in the margin.

You can mark test cases by:

Select the individual test description, group description, or entire plan that you want to mark, and then choosing the appropriate marking command on the Testplan menu.
You can also mark a test plan according to a certain set of characteristics it possesses. This is called marking by query. You build a query based on one or more specific test characteristics; its script file, data, symbols, or attributes, and then mark those tests that match the criteria set up in the query. For example, you might want to mark all tests that live in the find.t script and that were created by the developer named Peter. If you name and save the query, you can reapply it in subsequent work sessions without having to rebuild the query or manually remark the tests that you’re interested in working with.
Test failure
After running a test plan, the generated results file might indicate test failures. You can mark these failures in the plan by selecting Results > Mark Failures in Plan. You then might fix the errors and re-run the failed tests.