Using FunctionTip

To display the function signature for a function, test case, or method.
  1. Within your script, .t or .g.t, or include file, type the function, test case, or method name, followed by an open parenthesis " ( ". For example SetUpMachine(. The function signature displays in a tooltip with the first argument, if any, in bold text. The function signature includes the return argument type, pass-mode, data type, name of the argument, and null and optional attributes, as they are defined.
  2. Type the argument. The FunctionTip containing the function signature remains on top and highlights the argument you are expected to enter in bold text. As you enter each argument and then type a comma, the next argument that you are expected to type is highlighted. The expected argument is always indicated with bold text; if you backspace or delete an argument within your function, the expected argument is updated accordingly in the FunctionTip. The FunctionTip disappears when you type the close parenthesis " ) " to complete the function call.

If you want to dismiss the FunctionTip, press Escape. FunctionTip is enabled by default. See Turning AutoComplete Options Off if you want to disable FunctionTip.