FieldsOfRecord Function


Returns the names of the fields in a record.


lsFields = FieldsOfRecord(RecordType)
Variable Description
lsFields The field names of the specified record type. LIST OF STRING.
RecordType The record type whose fields to return.


FieldsOfRecord returns the list of field names of a record type as strings. Each item in the return value corresponds to a field name in the specified record type.


[ ] type BORDER_LOCATION is record
[ ] INTEGER iUpperX // X coord of upper-left corner
[ ] INTEGER iUpperY // Y coord of upper-left corner
[ ] INTEGER iLowerX // X coord of lower-right corner
[ ] INTEGER iLowerY // Y coord of lower-right corner
[-] testcase FieldsOfRecordExample()
	[ ] Print(FieldsOfRecord(BORDER_LOCATION))
	[ ] // This script prints:
	[ ] // {iUpperX, iUpperY, iLowerX, iLowerY}