Data in Test Cases

What data does the feature expect

A user can enter three pieces of information in the Find dialog box:

  • The search can be case sensitive or insensitive, depending on whether the Case Sensitive check box is checked or unchecked.
  • The search can be forward or backward, depending on whether the Down or Up option button is selected.
  • The search can be for any combination of characters, depending on the value entered in the Find What text box.

Create meaningful data combinations

To organize this information, it is helpful to construct a table that lists the possible combinations of inputs. From this list, you can then decide which combinations are meaningful and should be tested. A partial table for the Find dialog box is shown below:

Case Sensitive Direction Search String
Yes Down Character
Yes Down Partial word (start)
Yes Down Partial word (end)
Yes Down Word
Yes Down Group of words
Yes Up Character
Yes Up Partial word (start)
Yes Up Partial word (end)
Yes Up Word
Yes Up Group of words