Typeinfo Keyword


The __typeinfo keyword is a class method modifier for 4Test methods that are members of winclasses associated with .NET classes. The winclasses can be generated either by hand or by using the Record Class dialog box. In the latter case, Silk Test Classic automatically inserts the __typeinfo keyword in front of any method that has parameters that are either:

  • Of type POINT or RECT.
  • Of a type that has been declared explicitly in 4Test and uses the alias mechanism.

If you are creating the winclass declaration by hand, then you must remember to insert the __typeinfo keyword for the method declarations that fit the above criteria.


This modifier applies only to winclass declarations that are associated with .NET classes.

Though Record Class can be used with VB, ActiveX and Java, those Silk Test Classic extensions do not support the type declaration mechanism and aliasing in order to extend the list of 4Test compatible data types.

In the Visual 4Test editor, __typeinfo appears in color as set on the Editor Colors dialog box.


// winclass SystemWindowsFormsMonthCalendar : AnyWin
  // tag "[System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar]"
  // obj __typeinfo MyClientSize get_ClientSize ( )