Using DLL Support Files Installed with Silk Test Classic

Silk Test Classic is installed with the following include files that contain all the declarations, data types, and constants necessary for you to call hundreds of functions within the Windows API from your scripts.

Contains use statements for the include files that apply to 32-bit Windows:,,,, and

By including in your 4Test scripts, you have access to all the information in the other include files.

Note: The DLL functions declared in the files included in are aliased to the W (wide-character) functions.
Declares constants you pass to DLL functions. These constants contain style bits, message box flags, codes used by the GetSystemMetrics function, flags used by the GetWindow function, window field offsets for the GetWindowLong and the GetWindowWord functions, class field offsets for the GetClassLong and GetClassWord functions, and menu function flags.
Contains 4Test declarations for 32-bit functions in the user32.dll and kernel32.dll files. The file provides wide character support. This means that you no longer have to edit in order to call Windows DLL functions. See the description of in the Dll declaration section.
Declares 32-bit Microsoft Window messages, control messages, and notification codes.
Declares many data types commonly used in the Windows API.
Contains the following utility functions:
  • PrintWindowDetail
  • GetStyleBitList
  • PrintStyleBits