Locator Attributes for xBrowser controls

This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.

When a locator is constructed, the attribute type is automatically assigned based on the technology domain that your application uses. The attribute type and value determines how the locator identifies objects within your tests.

Silk Test Classic supports the following locator attributes for xBrowser controls:

Supports wildcards ? and *.
all DOM attributes
Supports wildcards ? and *.
Note: Attribute names are case sensitive. Attribute values are by default case insensitive, but you can change the default setting like any other option. The locator attributes support the wildcards ? and *.
Note: Whitespace, which includes spaces, carriage returns, line feeds, and tabs, is handled differently by each browser. As a result, the textContents and innerText attributes have been normalized. Whitespace is skipped or replaced by a single space if an empty space is followed by another empty space. The matching of such values is normalized also. In Silk Test 14.0 or later, whitespace in texts, which are retrieved through the textContents property of an element, is trimmed consistently across all supported browsers. For some browser versions, this whitespace handling differs to Silk Test versions prior to Silk Test 13.5. You can re-enable the old behavior by setting the OPT_COMPATIBILITY option to a version lower than 13.5.0.


<a>abc abc</a>
Uses the following locator:
//A[@innerText='abc abc']