VerifySelText Method (TextField)




Verifies the selected text in the text box.


textfield.VerifySelText(aExpected[, nTimeout])
Variable Description
aExpected The string or list of string you expect to be selected in the text box. STRING or LIST OF STRING.
nTimeout Optional: The number of seconds to wait for the expected value to be achieved. NUMBER.


VerifySelText checks that the selected text in the text box matches the text you supply. The data type of aExpected should be a STRING to verify a single-line text box or a LIST OF STRING to verify a multi-line text box.

If a timeout is specified with the nTimeout parameter, Silk Test Classic calls VerifySelText() until the condition is verified or the timeout is reached. The time between checks is the value of the window retry interval Agent option, OPT_WINDOW_RETRY. If the verification fails, an exception is thrown.


MyDialog.TextField1.VerifySelText ("selected text")