Network Testing Types

Software testing can be categorized according to the various broad testing goals that are the focus of the individual tests. At a conceptual level, the kinds of automated application testing you can perform using Silk Test Classic in a networked environment are:
  • Functional
  • Configuration
  • Concurrency

The ordering of this list conforms to the incremental functional testing methodology supported by Silk Test Classic. Each stage of testing depends for its effectiveness on the successful completion of the previous stage. Functional, configuration, and concurrency testing are variations of regression testing, which is a prerequisite for any type of load testing. You can use Silk Performer for load testing, stress testing, and performance testing.

You can perform functional testing with a single client machine. You can perform the first four types of test with a testbed containing only two clients. The last two testing types require a heavy multi-user load and so need a larger testbed.