FindWinClass Function


Returns the data classes, including user-defined classes, for all declared 4Test objects of one GUI type. The default return value is a list of the classes declared on the current machine. Alternatively, you can specify that the list be for a particular GUI, which might not be the current machine. You can also limit the list returned to the class that matches an optionally specified data class.


ldClassList = FindWinClass([sClass, GuiType])
Variable Description
ldClassList A list of the classes declared for the current machine or the specified GUI (if a machine with that GUI is currently connected). LIST OF DATACLASS.
sClass Optional: The tag for a class. When specified, returns a single-entry list containing the data class that matches the tag. If that class is not present on the current or specified GUI, FindWinClass returns an empty list. If you choose to omit this parameter, but include the next one, specify this parameter as NULL. STRING.
GuiType Optional: When specified, returns classes for this GUI type. If omitted, returns classes for the current machine. If the specified GUI is not present on a currently connected machine, FindWinClass returns an empty list. GUITYPE.


ldClasses = FindWinClass("[MainWin]", mswnt)