Testing Web Applications on Different Browsers

Testing web applications can be challenging because of the large number of browsers and browser versions available. Your web applications must support the browsers that the users of these applications prefer to use. While developing tests for web applications, you might ask your self the following questions:

Handling differences between browsers

In most cases, your include files (declarations) and scripts apply to any browser. You can run test cases against different browsers by simply changing the default browser and running the test case, even if the pages look a bit different, such as pushbuttons being in different places. Because Silk Test Classic is object-based, the layout is not relevant. All that matters are the objects on the page.

Declarations and scripts might have one or more lines that apply only to particular browsers. In such a case you can use browser specifiers to make lines specific to one or more browsers. Browser specifiers are of the built-in data type BROWSERTYPE.