CaptureObjectClass Function


Records the class information of a specified Java object or ActiveX object. Using this function, you can record the methods and properties of a class from a script instead of using the recorder.

The class information is stored in the results file produced by the test run.


CaptureObjectClass(sClassName, wObj);
Variable Description
sClassName Arbitrary name assigned to the class. STRING
wObj The Java object or ActiveX object whose class information you want to capture. WINDOW


To call this function, you must load the include file, which is located in the directory where you installed Silk Test Classic. We recommend adding a use statement in test scripts that calls CaptureAllClasses, as in this example:

use ""

After running CaptureObjectClass, we recommend that you copy the class, along with its methods and properties from the results file to an include file. Then, load the include file before running test scripts that use this class information.