BrowserPageNotFound Window Declaration


BrowserPageNotFound is a Silk Test Classic window declaration that declares the page that displays in your Web browser when the browser cannot find a page and you are going through a proxy server. Such a page is typically displayed when you specify a URL that cannot be accessed.

Note: This window is only used if you are going through a proxy server. If you are not going through a proxy server, the browser displays its own dialog if such an error occurs.

By default, Silk Test Classic sees as a BrowserPageNotFound any page whose title contains the string "Not Found", which means a window whose tag is *Not Found*. If you have valid Web pages whose title contains "Not Found", you can change the definition of BrowserPageNotFound in the file in the Extend directory of your Silk Test Classic installation folder.


BrowserPageNotFound is of class BrowserChild.


The following checks to see whether a BrowserPageNotFound window is displaying; if so, the AppError function is called.

[-] if (BrowserPageNotFound.Exists ())
	[ ] AppError ("Unable to load '{sLocation}' -- {BrowserPageNotFound.sCaption}")