SetUnion Function


Returns the union of two sets.


SetUnion = SetUnion (Set1, Set2)
Variable Description
SetUnion The returned union of the specified sets. SET.
Set1 The first of two sets to be joined. SET.
Set2 The second of two sets to be joined. SET.


The union of two sets contains all the members of both sets with no duplicate members.

Note that since either of the specified sets can be a set with one member, the SetUnion function can be used to perform the same operation as the SetAddMember function.

You can also use the plus (+) operator for this operation. The following statement is the equivalent of the SetUnion statement in the following example:

COLORS WindowColors = BackGround + Foreground


COLORS BackGround, ForeGround
COLORS WindowColors = SetUnion (BackGround, Foreground)