JavaJFCPopupMenu Class


Context-sensitive menus that pop up when you click the right mouse button or some other key combination in a Java application or applet, as defined in the Java Foundation Class (JFC) library. As the name "context-sensitive" implies, the content of the popup menu depends on the object you click.

JavaJFCPopupMenu is a container for menu items, which is why it does not implement any menu-related methods.


Derived from the AnyWin class.


Inherits methods from the AnyWin class.


Inherits all of its properties from the AnyWin class.


We strongly recommend that you call PopupSelect() on the parent of the popup menu instead of defining a JavaJFCPopupMenu and calling Pick() on its items.

In certain situations, a Java popup menu may appear to be a child of the main window, but other times be a child of a dialog box in the main window. This situation can occur for heavily populated popup menus, in other words popup menus that have their own frame that may extend beyond the frame of the window that owns it, or for certain other implementations of popup menus. For such cases, using the PopupSelect() method is more reliable than using the JavaJFCPopupMenu class.

Refer to the ParentPopupToInvoker option, which specifies how the parent of a popup menu should be determined.

When you use the SilkBean, you should insert a right-mouse Click() before JavaJFCPopupMenu in order to bring up the menu.